Emma Watson ne kadar kazandı?


Emma Watson yeni filmi Güzel ve Çirkin-Beauty and the Beast ile ilk parasını kazandı. Aylarca Belle rolü için hazırlanan, hatta bu yüzden La La Land adlı yapım için gelen teklifi geri çevirmek zorunda kalan Emma Watson, filmin gösterime girdiği ilk hafta tam 3 milyon dolar kazandı.

Tabii 26 yaşındaki güzel yıldız için bu henüz bir başlangıç; zira gösterimde kaldığı sürece gişe başarısı ile orantılı olarak Güzel ve Çirkin’den kazanmaya devam edecek. Emma Watson’ın kazancını, sadece bu yapımla 15 milyon dolara kadar çıkarabileceği tahmin ediliyor.

Bu hesabın nasıl tahmin edildiğine gelince… Güzel ve Çirkin-Beauty and the Beast‘in gidişatı Angelina Jolie’nin Malefiz-Maleficent’i ile neredeyse aynı. Malefiz, tüm dünyada 759 milyon dolarlık bir gişe hasılatı yakalamış, bu hasılat ile başrol oyuncusu Angelina’ya 15 milyon dolar kazandırmıştı. Disney şimdi aynı ödemeyi Emma Watson için yapmaya hazırlanıyor. Açıkçası sekiz Harry Potter yapımı ile 60 milyon dolar kazanan Emma Watson, bu parayı çoktan garanti etmişe benziyor.

Bu arada Emma Watson, kend, instagram hesabı dışında Güzel ve Çirkin-Beauty and the Beast ile birlikte yepyeni bir instagram hesabı oluşturdu. @the_press_tour adını verdiği bu yeni hesap ile Emma Watson, basında yer alan haber ve prodüksiyon görüntülerine yer vermeye başladı. Güzel ve Çirkin için bugüne kadar kendisiyle yapılan tüm dergi ve gazete çekimlerinin duyurusunu ve çok özel görüntülerini yeni instagram hesabında yayınlamaya başlayan Emma, kendi hesabını hayatına dair gelişmelere ayrımış gibi görünüyor.

İşte, şimdilik 3 milyon dolar kazandığı yeni filmi için medyada Emma Watson’ın hareketleri…

Inspiring stories and more information on the brands featured on @coveteur recently Photo 1: 100% organic cotton sweater by @coltrane.works. The brand still operates vintage machines in its 150-year-old artisanal knit factory, situated close to where the founder was born. Photo 2: Bra @chakraintimates. Each piece is made in Los Angeles with Chantilly lace and Lenzing Modal® fabric, a fibre made from beech wood sourced from sustainable forestry plantations in Europe. Photo 3: @pichulikafrica earrings, handcrafted in Cape Town using locally manufactured rope re-purposed from off-cuts or overruns from the yachting and climbing industry. Trainers by @goodguysdontwearleather, who do not use any animal products and make their collections in Porto to help preserve the traditional shoe making industry. Photo 4: Paris based ethical footwear brand @veja, use innovative, ecological materials and work closely with the people who produce them. Their project aims to create an economical, ecological and social difference, using advanced technologies, actively promoting eco-farming, campaigning against deforestation and supporting workers’ rights. Photo 5: Navy trainers by @veja made with wild rubber, recycled plastic bottles and recycled cotton. @kingsofindigo striped t-shirt made from 100% organic cotton. Photo 6: @theswaynyc black jacket (top right) made from 100% up-cycled leather. Lining made with recycled cotton and reclaimed fabrics. Available at @revenvert, an online retailer that showcases and promotes independent designers who carefully consider their methods, where they produce their designs and what goes into the products they make. Photo 7: Bracelets by @allbluesofficial a Stockholm-based jewellery studio. Every piece is handcrafted in a local, third-generation foundry using recycled 925 silver and 18ct gold. All Blues aims to create jewellery that people want to wear for a lifetime, independent of seasonal trends. Photo 8: Adidas UltraBOOST Uncaged Parley @parley.tv trainers (second row, far right), made from a mix of Ocean PlasticTM (95%) and recycled polyester (5%). Fashion info verified by @ecoage #ecoloves

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Brilliant working with Kerry Hallihan and @entertainmentweekly. Here’s some more info on the brands featured Photos 1-3: Jumpsuit by @galvanlondon. This jumpsuit was made by couture trained pattern-makers using traditional methods in its atelier in Dusseldorf. Photo 4: White top @behno_official. In 2012, Shivam Punjya, behno’s founder, went to India to complete his research on women’s health. Whilst there, he came across some of India’s most breathtaking hand-made textiles, and visited rural villages to learn more about the textile industry and the communities that produce them. In many regions, up to 90% of India’s garment factories are powered by women, often being paid rock-bottom wages to produce beautiful hand-spun, hand-woven textiles. behno’s mission is to redefine and bring awareness to the craft and character of “made in India”. behno aims to inspire, change and improve factory conditions globally to better the quality of life and safety of individuals in the garmenting trade in developing countries. Photo 5: White shirt @tomenyc. The brand’s founders, Ryan Lobo and Ramon Martin, say “One of the challenges we face involves making a sustainable, high quality product in an industry that moves closer to a ‘fast fashion’ structure at all levels of the market. We are excited about the design solutions we are discovering within our atelier by exploring repurposed, recycled fabrics and elements of clothing. We believe that every single decision in the design process counts, and that we control our practices and choices. Every choice we make for every single piece of clothing, we ask, ‘Is this the best way we can do this?’ Just asking the question leads us to better choices and sustainable opportunities.” Photo 6: Asymmetrical navy and white blouse by @monsemaison, made in Italy. All jewellery by @lauralombardi. Laura Lombardi pieces are made by hand in New York City from new, recycled, and found materials. Fashion info verified by @ecoage #ecoloves

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Highlights from Emma’s @intothegloss feature. Many of these brands have been used during the @beautyandthebeast press tour Photo 1: White shirt from @svilu, made from certified-organic cotton. Svilu is stocked on @revenvert, an online retailer who only work with sustainable brands and products aligned with its 4 values: Organic, Re-made, Local and Fair. Photo 2: Rings from @barjewellery handmade from recycled silver and finished by artisans in London. The silver used in the pieces has been recycled via a traceable process into fine silver. Fashion info verified by @ecoage #ecoloves Photo 2: @eldecosmetics Lip & Cheek Rush is created in Norway and developed, produced and packaged by the brand itself. It is certified cruelty-free & vegan. Photo 3: @lolasapothecary formulate in hand blended micro-batches from sustainably sourced natural ingredients in the UK. Photo 4: @mvskincare is an Australian brand that has been at the forefront of the movement towards organic skincare since the late 90s. @fur_you is a 100% natural oil from the USA that can be used to enhance pubic hair and skin. The UK’s @totmorganic makes 100% organic cotton tampons. Photo 5: @sisterandcoskinfood Tooth Whitening Polish is made from cold-pressed coconut oil sourced from a small organic farm in Sri Lanka. It is blended in small batches in the UK every 12 weeks. Photo 6: British brand @nyr_official have been making natural and organic skincare since 1981 and was the first high street retailer to be certified CarbonNeutral. Photo 7: Lipstick is made by @absolution_cosmetics who help conserve the planet’s resources by certifying with Ecocert Greenlife. Photo 8: @idilbotanicals is handcrafted in small batches in countryside of Zurich, using only 100% natural and vegan raw materials. @frenchgirlorganics use certified-organic oils which don’t contain any pesticide or herbicide residue and support organic agriculture. Photo 9: @alchemyoils Grapefruit Hair Remedy is 100% natural and made in small batches in the UK. @exo_supply is a nail polish remover made in the USA from USDA-certified organic essential oils and biodegradable ingredients. Beauty brands verified by @contentbeauty

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